Chia-Liang Cheng

Chia-Liang Cheng is a professor in the Physics Department, and Vice President of National Dong Hwa University (NDHU), Hualien Taiwan. He received his Ph. D. degree from the Physics Department of the University of Oregon, USA in 1993. After obtaining his Ph.D. degree, he was a post-doc with Prof Y.T. Lee (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1986) at the Chemistry Department in the University of California, Berkeley and Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei from 1994-1997. He was an assistant professor at Physics Department of the National Taiwan Normal University for one year, and then he joined NDHU in 1998. In 2005, he was promoted full professor. He is specialized in spectroscopy, and optical imaging. His research interests are in Bio/medical applications of nanodiamond; Spectroscopic studies on nanomaterial; visible-light-activated TiO2 nanoparticles; Infrared, Raman spectroscopy, etc. His interests go beyond the boundary of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. His group is one of the pioneering groups in the world to successfully use nanodiamond as a biological marker to observe bio molecules interaction with cells or bacteria. They have recently delivered anticancer drug using nanodiamond as a delivery vehicle into lung cancer tumors in the animal model.